Business Plan

The Textile Institute (TISA) has geographical coverage of the Australian States of Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, part Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania and is dedicated to encouraging the personal development and growth to enable its members to expand their skills and knowledge in support of our industry. "Profiting through Partnering" is our chosen way to move forward and we welcome your support.


VISION - The Textile Institute Southern Australian Section (TISA) is the leading Australian professional body of the Textiles and Clothing industries, recognised Australia wide and globally for its service provision, education and training opportunities and award of professional qualifications to its members.


MISSION - To promote the advancement of members' careers and their individual professional growth in all segments of the textiles and clothing industries in Australia, drive to increase membership by meeting member needs and encouraging student membership through the education system. In achieving these, TISA will be recognised as the leading Australian professional body of the textiles industry.


Profiting through Partnering
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